Harvard Club of Naples Schools Committee


The HCN Schools Committee acts as a liaison between our local high schools and students and the Harvard College Admissions Office. We act as a resource for students who want more information about Harvard and try to encourage high achieving students to apply to Harvard. We interview all Collier County seniors applying to Harvard. Our reports to the Admissions Office are an important part of the applicants’ files. Interviewing these impressive students is rewarding, intellectually stimulating and a great way to stay in touch with the issues facing today’s youth as well as our community.  We welcome graduates of the College, who are available in December and January, when most of our interviews are conducted, to assist the Schools Committee with interviews. In the spring we award the Harvard Book Prize to a deserving member of the junior class in each local high school.  We also welcome HCN members’ help in presenting these books at the different award ceremonies. Please contact Committee Chair Patrick R. George '93 MBA '99 at pgeorge@post.harvard.edu if you would like to participate in the HCN Schools Committee.

2016 - 2017 Schools Committee Report
Patrick George, Chair


Three students were admitted to Harvard College from Collier County this year. These students are: Rosie Poling (Lely High School), Jennyfer Torres (Immokalee High School), and Peter George (Gulf Coast High School).  In addition, nine applicants earned spots on the wait list.

We saw a drop in the number of applicants this year.  Over the past two years we received 41 total applications per year; this year we received only 35.  This was down over 10%, and we don’t have a good explanation for the reason behind the decrease.  We hope to be back over 40 total applicants next year.  Our admit rate of 8.5% was higher than Harvard’s average acceptance rate of 5.2%, which is a good trend for us.  We have been exceeding the average admit rate for several years in a row now.

Historically, over 95% of all admits to Harvard from Collier County have come from only three high schools: Naples High, Barron Collier and Community School.  This year we had our first ever acceptance from Immokalee High School.  This has been a goal for the Schools Committee for many years, and we are thrilled to finally have Immokalee represented.  We also had our second ever admit from Gulf Coast and third ever admit from Lely. 

Four schools accounted for over 80% of all applicants: Barron Collier, Gulf Coast, Naples High, and Community School.  Over the past five years, we have seen similar numbers of applicants from these same four high schools.  Our hope is that by having students accepted from other schools, like Lely and Immokalee, we will be able to increase our applicants from these areas.

One of the best recruiting tools seems to be our Spring Reception for High Achieving Juniors, which we have held every year in early June for more than five years now.  During the reception, we aim to provide insight to our local students on how to make their applications as strong as possible.

This year we plan to augment the Spring Reception with direct visits by members of the Schools Committee to the high schools to discuss the application process with interested students.  We are hoping that this type of outreach can help to increase our applicant pool over time.  We have been told by the Admissions Committee that the best way to see more admits is to convince more great local students to apply.  Therefore, increasing the total number of applicants has been our highest priority for the past several years.